Annette Barnett has worked in the field of Sleep Medicine for over 21 years. She was born in Long Beach and has lived in Long Beach most of her life. She Graduated Cerritos College with Associate Arts degree in Psychobiology. Annette has been involved in healing professions all her life, from working at the Department of Rehabilitation when she was in college, to working in medical sales in 1995 selling oxygen and respiratory care. 

She was selected by the city of Long Beach to run in Japan in 1995. She loves animals and has two dogs – a black coat Retriever Big Guy and a corgi mix Holly.

Annette about Herself: “I totally love being in a profession that is committed to serving people as their priority, and making people a little healthier every day. I love sleeping healthy and feeling great when I wake up in the morning!  My goal is to make each person I work with Happy, Healthy, and more educated about their sleeping needs!”

Sleep Educator & Founder


Michael has worked in the field of sleep medicine for over 18 years.  As a USC graduate in Psychology, he began his medical experience at UCLA Medical Center HLA tissue typing laboratory as a staff researcher.  Later, he began his training in Portland, Oregon in polysomnography at OHSU and Medford School of Sleep Medicine. He has worked at many notable Southern California sleep labs throughout the years, including UCI Medical Sleep Lab, Harbor UCLA, and USC County Medical Center.  He has extensive knowledge in scoring, reporting of overnight sleep studies, and above all, patient care.  He brings with him, great attention to detail, high quality work, and professionalism.


Michael is a native Californian who enjoys the ocean and the beautiful California Coast.  He is an avid animal lover and he and his wife have been dedicated foster parents for the ASPCA for over 2 years.  Michael's passions are baseball (a huge Dodger fan), traveling to England and giving his time and effort for animal rights.

His compassion and generous nature has been the reason that most of Michael's professional career has been given towards the care of others. 




Sleep Technician



Cecilia is a Long Beach local who obtained her Medical Assistant Certificate from Everest Corinthian College right out of high school. She also went to Long Beach City College to expand her education in nursing programs. For the past 8yrs, she's worked in multiple medical practices from Ophthalmology, Podiatry, to Family medicine. In 2015 she discovered her passion for sleep medicine and obtained her state board certification in polysomnography. 

She enjoys a challenge in sleep medicine to help people obtain a better nights sleep. She is a current CPAP user and can easily make you feel at home. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, go camping, hiking, visit local parks, and the beach. She's a car enthusiast who enjoys a nice drive down Pacific Coast Highway. She also volunteers at local animal shelters where she adopted a Shih Tzu sister for her active toddler.   

Sleep Technician


William is a long beach native, and graduate of Long beach City College and Long Beach Paramedical And Technical College. He started his respiratory career performing oximetry and pulmonary function testing for a nationwide mobile pulmonary lab. That job gave him the opportunity to travel the country coast -to -coast nearly non-stop for several years.


William has had various prior experience with work in the hospital and rehab settings for the past fifteen years and has been involved with home health care. One of his primary responsibilities in that time has been to help and provide thorough CPAP therapy instruction and follow-up for hundreds of sleep patients. When not working he enjoys time in the kitchen cooking with my girlfriend,the peace and quiet of the desert, and sports and music. 

Respiratory Therapist