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If you would like to fill out some forms before coming into the lab, please download the files below. You may print it out and bring it in or fill them out, and attach them to your email to us at;
We will need a prescription from your doctor to assist you with a sleep study or to provide a CPAP machine, mask, or supplies even if you are purchasing these items with cash. The first step is for your MD to send a signed prescription to us. Your doctor can fax a prescription for a sleep study, CPAP machine or CPAP supplies to us at (562)372-3698 or email the RX form to, you can also call us and we are happy to help you with this process over the phone as well. For insurance billing we need your insurance information, and progress notes within the last 6 months that outline the sleep complaint. Your doctor can use their prescription form or download an order form from the website.
Symptoms Assessment
Prescription and Medical Necessity
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