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Insurance is Accepted

Insurance Networks

We are a participating provider of most PPO Insurance companies and will verify benefits and eligibility on all patients prior to the sleep study. We accept almost all PPO unless they are contracted with a certain provider only. 

The insurances we accept:


Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross,

Blue Shield of California, Medicare and many other plans. We will provide you with a clear and accurate estimate of eligibility as well as benefits of your health plan coverage and benefits for sleep testing prior to scheduling your sleep study with us.

If The Sleep Apnea Girl Inc. testing center is out of the network with your commercial PPO plan we will let you know if you have coverage in or out of the network for sleep testing benefits. Giving you an intelligent and accurate estimate of coverage and cost for your sleep testing.

Cash Prices

We have very affordable cash pricing for those paying out-of-pocket. We try to make it affordable to all people who would like a positive experience at a sleep study center of their choice.


Our goal is to help all people receive high-quality care and our prices are tailored so that all people can afford a sleep study.




Restful Sleep is a phone call away. Call The Sleep Apnea Girl for a FREE of charge 
 (562) 420-7353



This online test only takes 5 minutes and will tell you if you are at risk of sleep apnea. Take this Sleep Apnea Risk Assessment test now and feel better knowing you are taking active steps to better your health today.

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