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Sleep Apnea and Menopause - Ask Dr. K.

"Thank you Dr. Komaroff for such an important column on the risks of untreated Sleep Apnea! I was speaking with a OBGYN the other day, and this article sure would have come in handy! A lot of women are so underserved in diagnosing sleep apnea. Thank you for explaining the risks that happen while going through hormone changes and menopause! If every cardiologist would screen for sleep apnea we would save so many lives, and also save so much cost for hospitalization due to heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents!"

- Annette

"So very interesting to learn the physiology behind the changes in women during menopause and how they lead to higher incidence of sleep apnea. It's another great

insight and tool to help our patients be healthier." -Sebastian

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