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Disclaimer and Transparency

You'll often see commonly these words physicians and clinics with disclaimers use - stating that what's mentioned in their blog, site, office, or book should not be taken as medical advice, and that you should talk to your physician before making any changes to your diet or health regimen. I am including the same disclaimer here, so it is on our website.

I do not believe in holding back any information that may help someone. There are many websites regarding Sleep Apnea, with numerous types of advices. But the best advice possible is what works best for you. It should be tailored to your specific needs, whether or not you want to try one or more recommendations, given for your sleep disorder(s). Please consult your physician(s) about any problems you are having with any recommendations you have been given. There are so many CPAP masks out there on the market. If you google on the web, "CPAP masks," you will find different types that are for sale with a doctor's Rx. Your friends may say... "I use a pillow mask... the under-the-nose mask works best..." THE BEST CPAP MASK IS THE ONE THAT WORKS FOR YOU! When clients are in our lab having a pressure study, we try several masks to find out which one works best for his/her needs.

We have, at the beginning of your study, a CPAP desensitization process. We will not have you sleep feeling uncertain. We try it on before you go to bed and show you what CPAP is like. This really helps with claustrophobia, but some clients still might refuse CPAP therapy; that is okay. We have open-ended office appointments with our respiratory therapists to help with mask fittings and do our best to solve whatever issues you may have. We will hold your hand the entire way to achieve healthier sleep. Annette Barnett Clinical Manager

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