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Have you been required to take a sleep test as part of your condition of employment? For your DOT physical exam or CDL renewal?

Our sleep study is accepted by the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Motor carrier safety administration and is widely used for renewal of a commercial driver's license (CDL) or the department of transportation(DOT) PHYSICAL. We are very fast & efficient if your license or medical card is about to expire soon you cannot risk and delays. Call us today at 562-420-7353 and we will ship out your home sleep testing kit or better yet pick it up immediately and bring it back the next day. We will expedite your results.

We will follow you all the way to the end to make sure this is as quick and easy for you to accomplish so you can keep accomplishing your goals. We are accurate, our high quality diagnostic equipment ensures accuracy and our board certified sleep physician will interpret your results quickly. Should you test positive for sleep apnea or a sleep disorder, we can help you get the prescription and acquire the equipment you need with support to get the end results you need to continue to be productive and finish your (DOT) process.

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