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Split-Night Study



Two-night evaluation PSG and CPAP titration: CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is a sleep apnea treatment that involves the delivery of air into the airways through a specially designed nasal mask. Continuous positive air is delivered by a flow generator that keeps the airways open and free from obstruction. 


On the first night of the two-night protocol, general monitoring, and a diagnostic evaluation is conducted. If sleep apnea is discovered, the patient returns for a second night to determine the necessary CPAP pressure required to alleviate apnea.


Split-night PSG with CPAP titration: Split-night PSG is conducted when moderate or severe sleep apnea has been diagnosed on the first two hours of the PSG and has been discovered or strongly suspected during the first part of the night's study. The second half of the night is used to determine the necessary CPAP pressure required to alleviate apnea.



In our lab


We perform same night split-night studies that are cost-effective and convenient.  During the first half of the study, several small sensors will be placed on your scalp, face, chest, abdomen, and legs. The sensors will monitor your eye movement, muscle activity, brain waves, heart rate, airflow, respiratory effort, and oxygen levels throughout the entire night. This is a painless evaluation.


During the second portion of the night, CPAP will be used to evaluate your present medical condition. This treatment portion of the study will include you sleeping with CPAP therapy. The CPAP pressure will be slowly adjusted until the proper pressure has been reached to effectively eliminate respiratory disturbances and snoring. Once your pressures have been dialed in, you will continue to sleep the rest of the night at that pressure to ensure the elimination of apneas and snoring at all stages of sleep. 


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