Portable Home Sleep Testing (HST)


HST can be used to diagnose or rule out Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It should be only recommended by your doctor. If it is highly likely that the person has moderate to severe sleep apnea and if the patient has other significant medical issues such as pulmonary diseases, neuromuscular disease, or congestive heart failure, the patient should have a full in lab diagnostic sleep study. Home sleep studies cannot diagnose any other sleep disorders such as restless leg syndrome, periodic leg movement’s disorder, or narcolepsy. These patients should be tested in a sleep testing center.  


The Sleep Apnea Girl Inc. offers people several options for home sleep testing, including on-site instruction with a trained medical professional. We can also mail the equipment you will need to perform the test and the paperwork, with a cd and instruction booklet.  There will be a small mailing and return fee. Our goal is to always have a unit available for each person when they are ready!


Talk to your physician about home sleep testing. Contact us or request a call or email. Home sleep testing is CONVENIENT (completed in your own bed) and cost-effective (lower cost to you and your insurance company than an in-lab sleep test). Home sleep testing is usually covered by most insurance companies.


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